Landscape Design


This is an example of one of our long-term landscape projects including landscape design, plant selection, and installation. Our goal is to design low maintenance outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful landscapes but comfortable living spaces as well.

This project was the result of a referral from an existing client. This client had seen one of my projects and loved the look. The existing flagstone was installed on dirt and was not level. We removed all of the flagstones then poured new cement patios placing the flagstone on top. The walls were all added and the ledge stone on the walls were all small pieces of the existing flagstone we cut and applied to the new block walls. Manufactured ledge stone is now available that saves the expense of cutting custom ledge stone. Many existing mature plants were retained and new plants were added to complement the existing mature plants.

In this project, we added a courtyard with gates and replaced bedroom windows with French doors.

The project was from nothing to fully landscaped. 50% of the existing vegetation in this canyon lot was removed and replaced with low maintenance succulents and drought-tolerant plants and an irrigation system. The bridge is functional because at times of the year there is a natural water feature in the form of an active stream in the canyon.

I was one of the first designers to use this type of stacking block walls called Country Manor. Pictures of this job were displayed on the hardscape vendor's website to illustrate how their products could be used. During this project, almost all existing plants were removed. A section of the house that was not level was removed based on my suggestion. Existing windows were removed and replaced with a new French door leading to the new decks. The client was agreeable to almost all of my design suggestions and was very pleased with the end result.

In this project, we helped the client create an outdoor kitchen space. Mosiac tile was added to the walkway. During the landscape construction, we worked on the retaining walls, walkways, and pavers. The client enjoys the outdoor fireplace and pizza oven.

This project was basically a total makeover. We removed the existing landscape and hardscape, then built the courtyard and walls. The client provided many of the Asian influenced materials that were used.

This project was a complete redo of the landscape and hardscape in the client's rear yard

New home construction before and after.

My client purchased this home in 2009. It is a 2-acre property. The client hired us to improve the gardens close to the house and have added more plants over the last 10 years. 2 years ago a pool was added so almost all of the plants required replacement. New pictures coming.

This was a design with ongoing maintenance. The images show plant delivery day. We typically place them on the site while still potted and the client approves the appearance and location before they are planted.

We designed and installed the fence for this property.